Our philosophy

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Investment Committee and Development Group

Our members

Who are our members? Annual Conference Tony Heselev,
TIP Member
Kevin Robinson,
TIP Member
Peter Williams,
TIP Member
Malcolm Thomspon,
TIP Member
John Heselev,
TIP Member

Our partners

Partnering with TIP Jason Hedges,
Founder of DecoGlaze
Adam McCrory,
NED at DecoGlaze
Graham Lusty,
Founder of Graham Lusty Trailers
Adrian Nisbet,
CEO of East Coast Traffic Control
Graham Nisbet,
CEO of Automation Group
Dean Neville,
Founder and CEO of Kitome
John Pascoe,
National Franchise Manager of TOFS
Klaus Hahn,
CEO of Whites Diesels Australia

Darryl and Rodney,
Co-Founders of Whites Diesels Australia