Potential Investors

Teaminvest Private uniquely brings together successful investors who have a desire to grow and mentor business owners.

Our investors come from all walks of life but share a common desire to use their accumulated wisdom, knowledge and networks to help private businesses grow. Most are former Entrepreneurs, CEO's and CFO's who are looking for not only oustanding returns, but the chance to make a meaningful difference to Australian enterprises.

Our investors operate as a team throughout the entire investment process from analysing a business, conducting due diligence and ultimately mentoring our partners via board and advisory roles.

As of September 2017 Teaminvest Private has approximately 140 investors, with collectively in excess of 2,000 years of business, professional and life experience from which to draw knowledge and guide decisions. As a group there is rarely a question raised where someone hasn't been there and seen it before.

Am I suitable?

​Teaminvest Private is a collaborative group of successful, experienced, no-nonsense investors with a shared desire to mentor and grow successful businesses. We exist to help transfer knowledge between generations and generate outstanding returns.

Typically our members:

  • Are former Entrepreneurs, CEO's or CFO's;
  • Have a desire to share their knowledge and wisdom;
  • Have at least $500,000 of investable funds (and often substantially more);
  • Manage their own investments, often under a SMSF structure​;
  • ​Invest for the long term; and
  • ​Want outstanding compounded returns (15-20%+).

What next?

To find out more about investing with Teaminvest Private download our guide for investors by filling out the form below. 

Membership is exclusive and not everyone is accepted, but for those who are, Teaminvest Private provides a uniquely rewarding way of investing in and mentoring successful businesses.

Teaminvest Private provides a uniquely rewarding way of investing in and mentoring successful businesses. 

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