Our Process

John West famously used the slogan "it's the fish we reject that make us the best". Nowhere is this more important than in the world of investing.

As such we work on the principle that we should say no to the vast majority of opportunities we see: after all, we only want to partner with the best.


Our process involves four steps:
  1. Initial analysis by the Teaminvest Private team
  2. Thorough analysis by our Investment Committee. The Investment Committee comprises approximately ten volunteer members and is charged with:
    a.  Examining the financial results of the business;
    b.  Checking if management appears a suitable partner;
    c.  Identifying any industry or company specific headwinds or risks; and
    d.  Identifying if a potential partnership could be feasible.
  3. A Strategy, Moats and Risks and Trustworthiness (or ‘SMaRT’) meeting. This is a full day opportunity for all of our investors to meet with the management to better understand the business and its goals. In particular we spend the day assessing: 
    a. The strategy of the business;
    b.  The moats of the business;
    c.  Any risks to the business or industry;
    d.  Whether we can partner with management; and
    e.  Where and how we can add value to the business.
  4. ‚ÄčIf at this point we are still in agreement one further hurdle remains: due diligence. Unlike most due diligence processes ours is undertaken internally by our members – ensuring that we fully understand the business and can make any relevant commercial calls.
Only after this rigorous process, where we expect most opportunities to fail, do we consider making an investment. 

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